As one of the attendees of our Soul-Bridge Art Contest you have the right to register your entered pieces of art into our Public Vote competition as well. This will give you a promotional platform at once because hundreds or thousands of people will see your artwork, and express their opinion about it. If it is your image or painting that the public chooses as the winner, this is a wonderful success and great honor, as all artists seek recognition from their public. Via this forum the circle of public exposure is expanded, providing all our entrants a valuable opportunity to show their works while offering the potential to win the People’s Choice award.


Your registration for the Public Vote is free but entry can be requested only if you have already entered the contest as this is a competition only for entrants taking part in the Art Contest.


We trust that you want this Public Vote to be clear and honest, to truly reflect the people’s favourite so please respect our request and do not vote for yourself.

The rules only allow one vote per e-mail address for a chosen favourite. However, people are free to vote for many different artworks as well, to express their enthusiasm. Even with these multiple responses, there will be one who garners the most votes and that will be our winner.


Upload your image

(150-300 dpi jpg – rgb or cmyk, you should place your signature or pen name in the corner, and you can watermark your image for its safety, but in a discrete and pleasant way) The maximum file size for any photo uploaded to the Contest Web Site is 50MB and 3000×3000 pixels. Photos may be color or black/white and must be submitted in one of the following file formats:  JPG, or JPEG. Photo must be a single photographic image


NOTE: It can take some time for your image to appear on the screen of the Public Vote page. Always the newly uploaded images get to the top of the page.


Your registration for the Public Vote is free.

You will find an option for that in your online entry form, as you can see below.

Select your artword during filling out the form and then decide whether register it to the public vote or not.

Then submit your form.

In case of successful submission and payment of your entry fee, your artworks will be automatically uploaded to our Public vote page.