Let us share some words about our Award designations.

There are no rigid and precise rules about how a contest is to designate its winners. The main guideline is that the submitted works will be judged by the following criteria:

General excellence and the author’s passion for telling a good story and expressing his or her ideas on the topic. The uniqueness of the spiritual message, wisdom of the teachings or the power of the presented healing tool. The layout, illustration and quality of the book. And of course the potential of the work to gain a wider audience in the worldwide market is also important.


  • We constructed our contest so that only one book per category may be designated “Winner.”

However, often there is more than one book in a category that truly stands out, and we believe these deserve recognition also. That’s why we would like to announce a “Finalist or Runner-up” in each category and list the “Honorable mentions” as well which are also precious books with valuable messages, important spiritual insights and innovative thoughts to offer to the world.

So you can be sure that to be recognized as Winners, Finalists and Honorable mentions is a high honor and something about which any author can be deeply proud. For readers and seekers of spiritual truth these prizes can open their trust to look at your work and give credit to your word.

We will also announce one Grand Prize Winner” for the most outstanding and remarkable book that shines the most beautifully with its message, quality in print and language, even though the categories cannot be easily compared.


  • It is also important to let you know that we do not publish the names of the judges to respect their privacy, but they are all deeply familiar with and experts in spiritual literature. Judges reserve the right to re-categorize entries and their decision is final.

Please note that judges read and consider submissions on an ongoing basis, comparing early entries with later submissions. Thus it can happen that some late submissions will win our competition, while we do not forget about the early birds either.


  • We would like to note that we can announce winners in those categories only in which at least 2 or 3 titles have been subscribed. So we may need to re-categorize your book to give your book a place in the competition.


  • We will notify each entry via e-mail upon the arrival of his or her package and will announce the winning entries on our web site and by e-mail after the date for submissions is closed for the year and after the judging is complete. Because of the high volume of entries, it could take up to 5-7 days to send you the notification that we received your book. Please know that if you do not receive an e-mail after the date of the winners’ announcement, this probably means that unfortunately you are not on the award list, but you can still try next year.

Thank you for your understanding!


NOTE: All entrants must verify that their entry material is free of matter that is libelous, an invasion of privacy, or is in any other way unlawful. All entrants must warrant that their book and E-book does not infringe upon any statutory copyright, common-law literary right, or proprietary right of any third party, and that, where applicable, they have secured any necessary permission for use of third party material (images, tables, quotations etc.) incorporated in their book.

Soul-Bridge BMS Book Awards cannot take responsibility for any violation of copyrights made by their entrants, as these are beyond our domain and are the sole responsibility of the entrants.