Art Contest Competition


Your submission package should contain the following:

  • ONE copy of at least 150-300 dpi jpg, good quality digital art image,
  • or a high quality, clear photograph of your painting (oil, tempera, watercolor …)

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  • 1 picture for $30
  • 5 different pieces of art for $65
  • 8 different images for $90.

Final entry deadline December 31, 2018

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  • Mystical realms,
  • Heavenly spheres,
  • Dreamlands
  • Angels,
  • Fairies,
  • Unicorns,
  • Pegasus,
  • Other mystical creatures Christ,
  • Christ consciousness Fantasy moods,
  • Occult atmosphere,
  • Masters,
  • Sages,
  • Shamans with human …

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Welcome to the 2018 Soul-Bridge Art Contest!

The 2nd International Spiritual&Fantasy Art Contest of Europe is now open for entry!

The Soul-Bridge Art Contest was founded in conjunction with the Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards of Europe to offer a new platform for authors and artists from all over the world to share their knowledge and special artistic expression of the invisible.

The impetus to create this award was founded on the strong belief that given the current global state, the most important thing we can do now is to work towards forwarding the holistic viewpoint and spiritual awakening of humanity. Sharing the voices of true wisdom offers tangible guidance for the survival of our planet and the creation of our future.

We believe that Lightworkers need to unite and that the voices of serious thinkers and responsible matured and enlightened souls must be heard in a wider circle.

We also believe that there are many Lightworkers living in our current world who came to give and present the messages of the Higher Realms through their art. Different expressions of visual art and music derive and speak directly from our soul, reaching straight into the viewers or listeners heart and memory bank. Art is a concentrated message that has its direct influence on our psyche. It catches the moment and holds it eternal or flows with an inner dynamism, taking us into different realms of experience. The language of Art is a universal, or we could even say, cosmic language. It is always amazing and touches the miraculous when someone can access the process and flow of creation in a way that expresses their inner visions, or the revelations received in dreams or meditations. It is certainly a gift and a blessing when an artist can reach and then express the unknown; when they can bring forth the invisible realms, heavenly spheres, or can evoke scenes from ancient cultures, or express moments recalled from the Akashic Records. We believe that the spiritual and fantasy artist often works as a medium, the artist serving as a true messenger and pure vessel to let the message come through to become images, music or words.


Thus while we present the forum for writers from all over the world to contribute their Body-Mind-Spirit books in many different categories, we also offer The Soul-Bridge International Spiritual&Fantasy Art Contest of Europe. This is a call for the works of visual artists who create spiritual and fantasy images using different techniques.

By entering our Art Contest your work can gain more recognition throughout Europe and the world, finding a wider audience as well as reaching an important targeted European market.


Moreover, in this way, sharing our creativity together we open the gate of a Light Temple made of human hearts; enlightened by human thoughts, ideas, revelations, visions and beauty. Soul-Bridge Book and Art Contest wishes to truly create bridges and open pathways between authors, publishers and artists. These spiritual and fantasy art pieces can be perfect illustrations for book covers or themes of esoteric books. Through this platform we would like to help artists gain more recognition and find future markets and business partners.


The Grand Prize Winner of our annual Soul-Bridge Art Contest will receive special attention in our extensive National and International Media & Industry Exposure to support their work and will be announced and presented to different publishing houses which deal mainly with Body Mind Spirit books. Thus new business relations can open for applying the artworks as book covers and illustrations or many other ways.


Among those who choose to register their paintings or digital images into our Public Favourite Competition the winner is selected by the vote of the viewing public. The winner is granted “The People’s Choice Award” which is a great honor and a noble success, as every artist values recognition from the public most of all. Winning our public vote will certainly boost your market and catch the attention of publishing houses and art galleries in Europe and worldwide, generating new orders for your art.


In addition, the names and artwork of all category winners, finalists and honorable mentions will be shown and honored on this website for one year.

You can also promote your own art as an Award-Winning piece of art, which means that as an honored winner, finalist or honorable mention you will have the right to highlight your award on your painting, on an exhibition, or on your website and marketing material. Certificates, Award Stickers and distinguished Digital Seals will be available for purchase for all honorees in each category. The highlight of meriting an award can open the gate for wider interest from customers with spiritual consciousness and can boost your market.


The 2nd Annual Soul-Bridge International Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards and Art Contest of Europe is designed not only for spiritual purposes, but also as a promotional vehicle for authors, publishers and artists. It is the intent that these awards help launch careers, open global markets and create the opportunity for talented authors and artists throughout the world to meet each other.


We will notify each entry via e-mail upon the arrival of his or her art piece or pieces and will announce the winning artists on our web site and by e-mail after the judging is complete and after the date for submissions is closed for the year.