Blessed Muse – artwork by Kathleen Brigidina

Blessed Muse

this painting of my blessed muse was channeled using natural Earth Pigments, along with this poem which came through as I painted her.

Ear pressed  to my listening place, as each whisper  became a branch. Higher and higher,  as I climbed  Her voice like a tree. Then, as usual,  my Wings got tangled  In my messy hair, I dropped my Brush. I trembled,  stumbled,  and fell  To the ground with a splatter and a Plop.   Then… There, Where I landed, Under a Heap  of knotted wings and hair. Lay my brush, Soaked in a new color  Earth never shown before. Just one glimpse  of this color, and I knew. If everyone  Could see This color We Would shift the planet and  Return it to brand new.  This one miracle, Sweet ashes of Earth  resumed. Returning love  In a blaze of color to Fill the heart Of all Earths children. To Feed the hungry,  Saddened, forgotten,  Neglected souls.  Just one color  And Only this to  Imagine.  Here, where I fell in a messy pile of me. Ahhhhhh….. So in her limbs I nested. In dusty feathers, and twisted locks I mused…. As anything is possible,  Even  Just one color, stumbled upon while listening  To a tree. Could shift the consciousness Of our planet. To me as you, you as me, and we as tree.